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Adam Wathan

Fullstackradio host

Alex Bilbie

PHP League member

Andi Gutmans

PHP Co-Architect

Andrés Gutiérrez

Phalcon creator

Anthony Ferrara

PHP security advocate

Ben Edmunds

PHP Town Hall host

Bob Weinand

PHP Core contributor

Cal Evans

Developer Experience Architect

Chris Hartjes

Little Book of Hack

Ciaran McNulty

Lead Maintainer of PHPSpec

Davey Shafik

Community Engineer at Engine Yard

Dracony (Roman Tsiupa)

Author of the PHPixie framework

Ed Finkler

/dev/hell podcast host

Eric Barnes

Laravel News

Fabrizio Branca

Lead developer at AOE

Ferenc Kovacs

PHP Core contributor

Franz Liedke

FluxBB developer

Hannes Magnusson

PHP Core contributor

Jakub Zalas

A Symfony maintainer

Jeffrey Way

Laracasts creator

Joe Watkins

PHP 5.5 Release Manager, PHP Core contributor

Jose Diaz-Gonzalez

CakePHP Core developer

Josh Lockhart

Slim framework creator

Julien Pauli

PHP 5.5/5.6 Release Manager, PHP Core contributor

Konstantin Kudryashov

Behat developer

Lukas Kahwe Smith

Liip developer

Mark Story

CakePHP lead developer

Matthew Weier O’Phinney

Zend Framework developer

Michael Wallner

Author of PECL/http, PHP Core contributor

Mike van Riel


Nate Abele

Lithium author

Nikita Popov

PHP Core contributor

Paul Dragoonis, PHP-FIG, PPI Framework

Phil Sturgeon

Master of the PHPUniverse

Pierre Joye

PHP Core contributor

Rafael Dohms

Amsterdam PHP community leader

Rob Allen

Zend and Slim contributor

Sammy Kaye Powers

PHP Roundtable host

Sebastian Bergmann

Author of PHPUnit

Shawn McCool

Laravel contributor

Stefan Koopmanschap

PHP community person

Tim Bezhashvyly


Xinchen Hui

Author of YAF

Zeev Suraski

Zend co-founder

Akihito Koriyama

Author of BEAR.Sunday & Ray.DI

Andrew Smith

Slim framework developer

Angela Byron

Drupal Core developer

Beau D. Simensen

Sculpin creator, PHP-FIG member

Benjamin Eberlei

Doctrine Lead

Bruno Skvorc

SitePoint PHP Editor

Chris Fidao

Laravel contributor

Christopher Pitt

SilverStripe developer

Dave Marshall

That Podcast host

David Soria Parra

PHP 5.5 Release Manager, PHP Core contributor

Derick Rethans

XDebug author

Dries Buytaert

Drupal project lead

Elizabeth Smith

PHP Core developer

Erika Heidi Reinaldo

PHP developer at Digital Ocean

Fabien Potencier

Symfony project lead

Felipe Pena

PHP Core contributor

Frank De Jonge

PHP League member

Graham Campbell

Laravel contributor

Jack Skinner

SydPHP organizer

James Titcumb

Runs PHP South Coast

Jeremy Lindblom

Organizer of PNWPHP and SeaPHP

Jonathan Reinink

PHP League member

Jordi Boggiano

Author of Composer

Jose Zap

CakePHP Core developer

Juan Treminio

PuPHPet creator

Kayla Daniels

PHP-FIG member

Lorna Jane Mitchell

Developer at Siftware

Marco Pivetta

Doctrine developer

Michael Dowling

Guzzle creator

Mior Muhammad Zaki

Orchestra Platform

Nicolas Widart

AsgardCms creator

Patrick Allaert

Author of PECL/APM, PHP Core contributor

Paul M. Jones

AuraPHP developer

Phillip Jackson

Magetalk host

Pádraic Brady

PHP-FIG member

Rasmus Lerdorf

PHP Creator

Ross Tuck

DomCode co-founder



Stas Malyshev

PHP Core contributor

Taylor Otwell

Creator of Laravel

William Durand

Propel developer

Yitzchok Willroth

Code Rabbi